UTC on going projects (Programme 2017-2021)


Education (leading to certificate)


Program 1) The complex research

UTK LabSchool – UTC Transdisciplinary Knowledge

Research and Education Service for PhD Students of Florence University


UTK LabSchool - Training Course, Relationship between knowledge and complex research. The Third World Congress onTransdisciplinarity at University of Florence

Responsible: Paolo Orefice, Marco Fioravanti, Maria Rita Mancaniello


Course in Gender Anthropology - Bachelor of Science in Humanities and Communication –  12 CFU

Prof. Giovanna Campani


Course Pedagogy of intercultural communication - Master's degree in Communication Theories

Prof. Giovanna Campani


Course of Doctorate "Scienze della formazione e psicologia" (Coordinator Simonetta Ulivieri, Department of Education and Psychology)

cooperation between UTC and Doctorate Members: Prof. Giovanna Campani, Maria Rita Mancaniello, Silvia Guetta


Course in Education and Training Sciences

Prof. Silvia Guetta          


Master Course in School Management and Clinical Pedagogy

Prof. Silvia Guetta          


Course for Physiotherapy

Prof. Silvia Guetta          


Training Course for teachers

Prof. Silvia Guetta          


Programs 2) The Earth Citizenship Education


Course of Studies in Education and Training Sciences


Prof. Maria Rita Mancaniello


Academic Degree Course of Education at G. Fortunato Telematic University (BN)

Summer School Alberobello, Bari

Teacher Course Socio-Pedagogical for Prof.essional Educator

Prof. Maria Rita Mancaniello


TRAINING COURSE: Improving the quality of inclusion in Tuscan schools with high multicultural complexity

(Director prof. Carlo Orefice)

Processing online form and implementation contents within the Workshop “To support the learning of multicultural skills in the professional community” (by prof. Carlo Orefice, prof. Maria Rita Mancaniello)


Master's degree in Expert of Body and Sporty Education for social inclusion and prevention of the social risck

Director Prof. Maria Luisa Iavarone

Workshop in cooperation of UTC (Chairholder Paolo Orefice)


Course of Doctorate on Mind, Gender and Language of University of Naples


Workshop in cooperation of UTC (Chairholder Paolo Orefice) by Francesca Marone: Children and Museums: pedagogical methodologies on cultural Heritage


Program 3) The care of the common house

Course of Pedagogy for PENITENTIAL UNIVERSITY CENTER University of Florence and Tuscany Region

Member of the University Council, Referent for the School of Humanities and Formation (formerly for the Faculty of Education); Teacher College Member. The activities of the POLO are characterized both by the management and provision of the university training offer to guarantee the right to education for the entire lifespan of the detainees, providing a scientific planning and pedagogical research area for students, doctoral students and researchers.

Prof. Maria Rita Mancaniello








(short term)


Training Workshop for Basic School on Transdisciplnary Curriculum Project on Earth Citizenship and sustainable Development

Pedagogical support of the School Project to candidature to Associated School to UNESCO






Prof. Paolo Orefice and la Prof. Julieta Haidar, 3CMT President

Coordinator and teacher in the academic observatory on children’s rights in Crotona organized by the Department of Education of the University of Florence

(Responsible Prof. Silvia Guetta)


Member of the scientific committee of the Summer School of Education for Sustainable Development organized by the Directorate General for Schools and the Evaluation of the National Education System of MIUR and the Research Centre on Philosophical Survey (CRIF).

The 2019 edition of the school entitled "Philosophical practice for sustainable development. Citizenship and inclusion", Alberobello (BA), UNESCO site, Apulia.

(Responsible Prof. Maura Striano)


Master's degree: Design of Educational and Training Services, "Media Education" and Technologies for Inclusion in Formal and Non-Formal Contexts

President of the degree course: Prof. Maria Luisa Iavarone






Projects coordinated by the Chairholder



Four-year Project of Research, Education and International Cooperation for SDGs: Historical challenge of the planetary civilization: towards the Earth 's Humanism in search of the co-science and co- growth beyond violence (across all projects and other UTC activities)

(Scientific Coordinator Chirholder Paolo Orefice)

UTKLab/School establishment (UTC Transdisciplinary Knowledge Laboratory /School) on the theory, strategies and methodologies of the three Programs (Focus and Models for SDGs):

Programme 1. Transdisciplinariy co-science without barriers

Programme 2. Sustainable Earth Citizenship

Programme 3. Methodologies of Intangible and Tangible  Sustainable Co-grouth


Programs 1), 2) and 3): The transdisciplinary research, the Earth Citizenship Education and the care of the common house

WTKH- World Transdisciplinary Knowledge House Project

New Five-year Project of Research, Education and International Cooperation on Global Studies and  Planetary Civilization

(Scientific Coordinator Chairholder Paolo Orefice)


LAB. T.T. AFRICA: REDES Sael. According to the UTC-Redes/UniDakar Agreement, UTC

Prof. Paolo Orefice in collaboration with member Team of UTC

(researcher and documentary filmmaker) visit to the Sael villages in the Senegal river valley for a RAPT survey prior to the educational valorisation of indigenous peoples' knowledge and production of a documentary on ecovillages for the endogenous development of the Sael.


Réseau international des Chaires et Fondations pour la Culture de Paix en Afrique, UNESCOAfrica, Addis Ababa (UTC founding member)

Prof. Paolo Orefice

Benevento Creative City

Research proposal to nominate the city of Benevento the UNESCO Creative City “

(Responsible Prof. Paolo Orefice with Teams of G. Fortunato Telematic University, BN, Italy)


Training Workshop for Basic School on Transdisciplnary Curriculum Project on Earth Citizenship for future. Support to Project as Associated School to UNESCO

Pedagogical Coordination and Teaching by Prof. Paolo Orefice, with prof. Maria Rita Mancaniello



Prof. Paolo Orefice in collaboration with member Team of UTC

“Study Circle, Transdisciplinary Participatory Action Research for  Novoli with the participation of the Region of Tuscany, Novoli Bene Comune APS, PPcP-Research, DIDA Architecture of Florence University


Research and study activities for the magazine Comparative Cultural Studies

(Responsible Prof. Maria Rita Mancaniello, participant PhD Student Chiara Carletti)


Multidisciplinary research project inter-university: EMPLEAP – Observatory for work placement and employability strengthening in Pacific Alliance Countries

(Scientific director: prof. Carlo Orefice)


International project "Philosophical Inquiry to contrast Hate Speech", winner of a grant from the Institute of International Education (IIE) which aims to investigate the levels of involvement of adolescents in hate speech and to promote critical reflection through materials for philosophical investigation.

(Responsible Prof. Maura Striano)


NATIONAL PROGRAM “WITH THE CHILDREN”- Foundations of banking origin and the Italian Government

Grandparents as a factor in strengthening the educating community in support of parental fragility. Approved project with competitive notice and peer review.

(Responsible Maria Rita Mancaniello)


Project “Budget estimate for the outsourcing of research, analysis and monitoring services for educational activities promoted by the regional coordinating body for education and schools” of the city of Florence.

(Responsible Prof. Silvia Guetta)


Project Bella Presenza – ( Con i Bambini Founds )

Coordination Florence Unit

(Prof. Tiziana Chiappelli)


Member of the PPc Research Working Group on ongoing projects for Novoli: "THE NEW URBAN AGENDA FOR NOVOLI" Identification of Strategies and Objectives through a participatory process. Original analytical model based on the ONU and FESR Sustainable Development Indicators.

Prof. Paolo Orefice, Arch Stefania Vitali



Announcement 2019 edition of the International Prize for Women's Dramaturgy "The writing of difference". Proposing and organizing country: Cuba under the direction of Dr. Alina Narciso (Italy).

(Responsible Prof. Maria Rita Mancaniello)


H2020-SC6-MIGRATION-2020 - MIGRATION-05-2018-2020

REFUGE-ED: Effective practices in education, mental health and psychosocial support for the integration of refugee children.

(Responsible Prof. Giovanna Campani and Prof. Maria Rita Mancaniello)


Programma Erasmus+ 2020

Acción KA2

Project Voices of Immigrant Women: Project Number: 2020-1-ES01-KA203-082364

(Responsible Prof. Giovanna Campani and Prof. Maria Rita Mancaniello)


ARTUR Project: the prevention of violence

(Prof. M.L. Iavarone, University of Naples Parthenope, Association ARTUR and the Sports Association Virtus Partenope Napoli, Dr. Francesco Girardi).


Programs 2) and 3) The Earth Citizenship Education and The care of the common house

Promotion of a Culture of Peace in Africa

peace in Africa

(Responsible: Paolo Orefice)


CoP Project: On-line “Community of Practice” for sharing and promoting best practices for building and developing sustainable peace in Africa

(Responsible: Paolo Orefice)


Project for indigenous cultures and languages preservation in two minority communities: Mapuche in Santiago de Chile near Unichile (Health Traditional Knowledge) and Rapa Nui Easter Island (Language and culture preservation with the establishment of basic school)

(Project proposal by the Mapuche and Rapa Nui communities, the Faculty of Agrarian and Indigena Chair of University of Chile and UnescoChair of University of Florence, Italy)

(Responsible: Prof. Sophia Montecino, Prof. Paolo Orefice)


UNESCO Interchair project

The care of the common house: a research intervention for hydrogeological risk prevention and education to coexistence in at-risk situations, in Tuscany Region

(Responsibles: Prof. Nicola Casagli, Prof. Paolo Orefice whit Prof. Maria Rita Mancaniello)


Project Transdisciplinary School Curriculum through disciplines for the sustainable Earth Citizenschip

Pedagogical Coordination and Teaching by Prof. Paolo Orefice


Project Ecovillage in the valley of the Senegal river and of the

bordering Mauritania

REDES (Network for Ecovillages, for the preservation of ecosystems

and cultural heritage, for abundance and Peace)

UTC Cooperation for intangible and tangible Development through

endoge nous knowledge (responsible Prof. P. Orefice with prof.

Ousmane Palme, President of REDES, Université de Dakar)


WTKProject. International project of transdisciplinary knowledge of Asian cultures and other regions of the world

Progect proposal by Prof. Paolo Orefice and Prof. Luca Scarantino, President of FISP, in collaboration with UTC Team


Strategic project “Interculturalism and the role of educational institutions in human development. From the compensatory model to inclusive schools” funded by the University of Florence.  (Responsible Prof. Silvia Guetta)


RESEARCH PROJECT '' The effort of separation: a pedagogical approach to the suffering of detachment " for GenGle Onlus and Gengle s.r.l.s., with headquarters, Florence

(Responsible Maria Rita Mancaniello)







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