UTC Human Development and Culture of Peace

The UTC Human Development and Culture of Peace (HDCP) is a transdisciplinary chair of the University of Florence (Italy). Within this Institution the Chair is part of the Institute of Higher Studies of the University of Florence (IUSSAF - Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori Ateneo Fiorentino). IUSSAF’s mission is to coordinate the higher education programs at the University of Florence, promoting their excellence. IUSSAF is an advanced interdisciplinary training center open to young Italians and foreigners, it constitutes a meeting point between scholars of different disciplines and promotes seminars, conferences, meetings, research debates, and other interdisciplinary and extra-curricular activities. Research doctorates, postgraduate schools, UNESCO Chairs of the University of Florence contribute to the IUSSAF activities aiming at coordinating the higher education at the University of Florence.

The structure of UTC chair is completed by the participation of researchers from other Italian partners such as the University of Siena, the Parthenope University of Naples, and the Federico II University of Naples.

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